What Makes a Learning Champion - by Radoslav Balev (3rd place)

My name is Radoslav and I am 14 years old. With languages, especially English, I feel in my element. I have been studying this beautiful tongue in Britanica since I could hardly write or read in my native one. I was second grade when I first entered the classroom in Britanica Geo Milev and ever since I have not accepted these lessons as an obligation, but more of a pleasure.

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What Makes a Learning Champion - by Gergana Georgieva

A Learning Champion – what does it actually mean? At first, this combination of words sounds really sophisticated but in fact its meaning is so much simple. By nature, people are curious and that is why we want to know as much as we can. A proven fact is that with facing difficulties, we learn at least one useful thing every day which makes each of us a small Learning Champion. Even though, there are lots of other factors that shape the actual Learning Champion.

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What Makes a Learning Champion - by Dimana Radeva

As Freddie Mercury once sang, „We are the champions my friends and we'll keep on fightin' till the end…”Actually that is what a champion does – never gives up and does their best to achieve the top. Whether one is preparing for exams or striving to learn how to play the piano, the struggle is just as great as any other battle. It is difficult and deserves admiration.

      A learner champion should be many things, but most importantly they need to be creative and systematic.

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What Makes a Learning Champion - by Luba Ivanova

Studying is the main responsibility that I have at this age. As a student in Britanica, I have learned a lot from the teachers and the projects I have participated in. But these are just part of the things that have helped me to improve myself and especially my intelligences. In this essay, I would like to show what a learning champion makes in order to be successful.

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„Образователен център Британика” ООД успешно защити проект по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност”, процедура „Подкрепа за внедряване на иновации в предприятията”. В проекта  BG16RFOP002-1.001-0153-C01 „Внедряване на иновативна уеб базирана система за обучение по английски език” са включени дейности по разработване на специализиран софтуер и придобиване на ново оборудване, необходимо за внедряване на иновативната услуга.
Потребители на иновативната система са всички, които желаят да изучават английски език в България и чужбина. Иновативната разработка е собствена за дружеството и има потенциала да революционизира всеки аспект от езиковото образование и обучение. Общата стойност на проекта е  453 737, 50 лева, от които 332 453,47 лева финансова подкрепа от Европейския съюз и 58 668, 26 лева Национално съфинансиране.